Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Can you say flibity-jibit?

(Originally written 07/25/12)

I have been on cloud nine this entire week!   I’ve been so consumed with joy that I haven’t paid attention to anything.  It’s almost comical the things I’ve been doing since we found out we are pregnant.  I carried the remote control upstairs and into the bathroom with me.  I’m not sure what my subconscious thought I needed it for in there.   I also found my bra on the kitchen counter the other morning but I have no clue when I took it off and left it there.  Then, while carrying gifts to my friend at her baby shower, I was day-dreaming about our own baby and knocked over a metal lawn decoration that made a huge crash.  If things continue this way, people may need to hide their T.V. remotes as well as anything breakable for the next nine months.  I’m guessing your bras are safe but who knows at this point. 

I don’t have many symptoms yet.  Just some tender ta-ta’s and a sense of smell that seems to be in full gear.  I’ve always had the nose of a Bloodhound but it seems to be even more sensitive than normal.   My husband mowed the lawn and the grass was a little damp as it usually is around here.  Once he was finished he put the lawn mower back into the garage.  The next day as I pulled my car in the garage I smelled a foul odor coming from outside my car.  The minute I opened the door I started gagging.  “Gross! It smells like something died in here.”  

 I asked my husband to go check on the smell in the garage.  He responded “I don’t smell anything.  What does it smell like?” 

“Come here.  I’ll show you.”  I walked to the garage and opened the door.  The smell hit me between the eyes and I started gagging again.  “You really don’t smell that?”  

“No, I really don’t smell anything” he said, “but I’ll take care of it”. 

When I came home the next day my husband was out front hosing off the lawn mower to help fix the smell.  He’s so thoughtful!  I’m really lucky to have such a sweet and compassionate guy. 

I can’t wait to shout our news from the rooftops.  I'm looking forward to everything.  I want to experience every pregnancy symptom out there.  I’m sure I will regret saying that in a few weeks but right now I am so overjoyed and thankful for this, that I’m looking forward to everything that comes my way. 

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  1. I'm sooo happy for you! Enjoy every second of pregnancy! 2nd trimester is the best!!