Monday, July 27, 2015

Daddy got the pea out!

"Daddy got the pea out," is all we've been hearing lately at our house!  Why?  You guessed it!  Kensie and I were eating lunch the other day when she thought it'd be funny to put a pea up her nose!  I should have seen it coming.  She's quite the jokster these days, so just minutes before, she was testing me by pretending to put a pea up her nose.  No sooner had I just finished telling her that it wasn't funny and that peas don't go in our nose, do I hear "it's all gone mama."

"What's all gone?"  I ask.
"Da pea.  It's gooooone.  Upa my nose," as she tilts her head backwards to show me her handy work.
"Kensie!  Are you kidding me?  I just told you that peas don't belong in our nose.  Aye aye aye."
"Ha ha ha Aye aye aye, mama!" She repeated.

Oh lordy.  How am I supposed to get this thing out?!  Then I remembered the story I've heard countless times about when I was little and put a fish weight up my nose.  (It's true what they say.  Paybacks are a B!)  I remember my mom telling me that they plugged one nostril and blew in my mouth and the weight popped out.

"Alright, I'll give this a shot," I thought.  It didn't work.  Kensie was less than impressed and I bet that when I had the fish weight up my nose, I wasn't also covered in snot!  I swear, she was producing it faster than I could wipe it away.  And have you ever tried to blow in someones mouth, simultaneously covering their nostril, while they're covered in goo and in hysterical tears? Well... It's no easy task!  I'm fairly certain that wrestling an alligator would have been easier. 

At this point, I started to freak out a little bit.  The pea was going further and further up her nose.  I could barely see it anymore.  Do I call the fire department?  It's not really an emergency but what if she keeps sniffing it up further and it gets lodged in her brain?!  Yes, I know that can't really happen but you try reasoning with a pregnant mom of a hysterical toddler.  I was hot, sweaty and my nerves were shot.  I just experienced a workout the equivalent of running a marathon and the pea was still in her nose.  "Okay, it's time to call in Daddy reinforcements!"

By the time my husband got to the house the pea was barely visible.  He tried to blow it out, which was about as successful as my attempts, and then he grabbed the tweezers.  Between the two of us, and about ten minutes later, we finally retrieved that blasted pea! I think it's safe to say that peas are no longer on the menu at our house anytime in the foreseeable future.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Yet again I'm behind on my post.  Finding the energy to put on a cute outfit, and do my hair and make-up to take a picture is Just. Not. Happening!  So I put it off for a day, and then another day, and then another day, until I realize that I'm another week along.  Oops.  Good thing I'm not attempting to take pictures each week!

The temperatures haven't been as hot lately but they're still brutal so we limit our outdoor activities on the days above 95.  We got a membership to a children's museum here in Medford, so that has helped keep Kensie busy, and me comfortable, on the really hot days.

Overall I'm feeling pretty good.  I typically have low blood pressure (Yay me!) but unfortunately I've been experiencing really low blood pressure with this pregnancy.  Like really low.  My last reading was 90 over 55.  More and more I'm experiencing an hour or two a day where my heart starts racing, I get really lightheaded, short of breath, and nauseous. Annnnd it's completely out of nowhere, which is fun!  Once I sit or lie down for a while it subsides and I feel better.  They say that your blood pressure is lowest during the latter part of your second trimester so hopefully it will get better in the coming weeks.  I don't remember experiencing this last time. 

Picture is at 25 Weeks

Any Cravings?  Sadly, Junk!  All I want lately are sweets. Like constantly!  Mainly s'mores or cake.  I'm really trying to eat natural sugars, like fruit, as much as I can instead of the processed ones, but I allow myself a little dessert on the daily.  It just tastes sooooo good!  Like 10 times better than usual.  And with all of the uncomforts (yes that's a word) of pregnancy, a little comfort food goes a loooong way!

Weight Gain?  Even with all of the junk cravings, I'm only up 15lbs.  At this point with Kens, I was up a good 25, soooo WIN!

Maternity Clothes?  Uhhhh huhhh!  My Medium maternity shorts are starting to get a little snug around the tush and thigh area.  Lovely.  I've taken a few weeks off from the gym due to the whole blood pressure/passing out thing, but I need to get back!

Movement? YES!!! Finally!!!  I feel baby girl all the time now.  I can even see my stomach move once in a while.  She still gets shy when people try to feel her move but she cooperated just long enough that even daddy felt her move the other day! 

How are you feeling?  Some days good.  Some days meh.  And some days Gahhhhh!  I think the "Gah" days are mainly the days where Kensie is a bit of a stinker so I'm completely exhausted.  She's been cutting her two year molars (for real this time!) so the past few weeks have been DRAINING!  It's been like fighting with a bag of cats while trying to smuggle a watermelon at the same time.  Have you ever tried doing that?  Let me tell ya, it's no piece of cake!  Mmmmm 

Stretch marks?  No new ones yet! But based on how pointy my stomach is (on account of my placenta being in the front, right underneath my belly button) I anticipate a whole new brigade of them moving in any time now.  My stomach is so incredibly hard.  I really don't know how the next 14 weeks (Yes 14! Whoa!) are going to play out. 

Best moment of the week? There have been two.  The first is when Ian felt the baby kick.  We were laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep when she started kicking like crazy.  He put is hand on my left side and she tried to kick his hand away.  I love his reaction when he can feel her move.  It's so wonderful finally being able to share that with him!

The second best moment this week was......wait for it........Kensie went pee pee in the potty!!!  Hallelujah!!!  She loves to tell us that she has to go but when we have her sit there she laughs and runs away.  I think she loves messing with us!  Well this time, she told her Mei Mei that she had to go and she actually went!  She was so proud of herself and all of the excitement that she received.  Hopefully she'll keep it up!

Sleep? Ugh, don't get me started.  If I actually fall asleep in our bed, I wake up in pain.  Back pain, neck pain, just pain in general.  I'm pretty sure it's mattress related and not pregnancy related.  We're considering a new bed but ughhhh.  We just bought this one two years ago so I'm having trouble pulling the trigger.  In the meantime, we have a really comfortable guest bed/future Kensie's big girl bed, and couch so I've been spending a lot of my time in other rooms.  I miss sleeping with the hubs though.  I don't know how some married couples have separate bedrooms.  I really miss him when I'm gone!

Miss anything?  I should be missing lunch meat, but I eat that almost daily.  Still microwaved of course!  

Belly button in or out?  Almost all the way out!

Wedding rings on or off?  On! 

Current mood?  Currently, as in right now?  Very happy!  But Kens has been back to herself the past few days so that makes me very happy!  Ask me again next week. ;p