Tuesday, June 23, 2015

WEEK 20! We're having a........

GIRL!!!  We're having another baby girl!!  I'm so excited for Kensie to have a sister! (and a little terrified for the teenage years, if I'm being honest)! Although, I think she might be slightly disappointed.  Every time I ask her who's in mommy's tummy she responds "baby boy in mama's tummy".  I'm not sure where that came from but we're working on "baby sister in mama's tummy".  Its now starting to catch on.

Again, I'm behind on my posts. Sigh......While writing this I am currently 21 weeks along, and we found out our gender news at 19 weeks.  It's taken me this long to post a picture because honestly.....I keep forgetting to have Ian take one.  It was my goal to do a picture every two weeks but at 19 weeks I realized that I'd forgotten to take an 18 week picture and then at 20.5 weeks I realized that I still hadn't taken a 20 week picture!  I wanted to have my hair all cute with a cute outfit and my make-up done, but by the time I would think about having my picture taken I'd be a hot mess.  Between my forgetfulness and my desire to look presentable in the photo, I've come to the conclusion that a picture was never going to meet my requirements.  So here you go folks!  No make-up, hair's a mess, and I'm wearing blue when it would have been a better picture in pink, but at least I took a shower!   WIN!!!  Oh well, at least it's being documented, right?

I spy a little helper

Any Cravings?  The salsa craving has kind of subsided the past few weeks and I've moved on to Cream of Wheat with fresh berries in it.  Can you say YUM?!?!  And also weird!!  I wake up every morning needing a big bowl of it.  And it's so delicious!!  Being pregnant in the summer does have its perks.  All the fresh berries I could want!!!  To offset all of this healthy eating, I of course, want ice cream ALL. THE. TIME! 

Maternity Clothes?  I went and bought a few more tank tops this week and two more pairs of shorts so hopefully I'll be set for the summer.  I thought I could make due with two pairs of shorts but having a toddler around makes this impossible!  I constantly have peanut butter, or strawberries, or some questionable substance on me, so more shorts were a necessity!

Movement?  I think I mentioned that I've been a little nervous because I haven't been feeling as much movement as I remembered feeling with Kensie around this time.  Well it turns out that there's a reason!!  At our gender ultrasound I was told that the placenta is in the front so it will make it more difficult to feel her wiggles.  The doctor said it's like having a thick wool blanket between me and the baby so no wonder the movement has been subdued!  The movement I have felt has also been a very odd sensation.  It's much deeper and less on the surface of my stomach than I felt with Kensie.  And I'm pretty sure this kid gets a good chuckle from kicking what I can only imagine is my colon....And on a pretty regular basis.  Talk about a bizarre butt-puckering experience!!!   I'm sure I look like a lunatic when this happens as I have an uncontrollable reflex that makes me jump and and say "woooo" like I'm being goosed by the invisible man!  I can safely say that this didn't happen in my first pregnancy, and I'd be okay if it didn't continue for very long.

How are you feeling?  HOT!!!  Like really hot!  And we're supposed to hit 108 this week!  Gahhhhh!  Thank goodness for air conditioning!!  And ice cream!! 

Stretch marks?  No new ones yet! 

Best moment of the week?  I'd like to say our gender appointment but that would be a lie!  Unfortunately we had an overly excitable doctor at the appointment who had terrible bedside manor.  Long story short, he scared me to death by telling me that with my previous c-section and my placenta being in the front, that I was at risk for a life threatening condition.  Then he continued to tell me that if I had this condition then "it would be disastrous" and I "would have to have my uterus removed or I would bleed out and die on the table".  Needless to say, I was a basket case for two days!  Once I got in to see my actual OB he assured us that I don't have this condition and he even requested that another neo-natologist take a look at my scans to be sure.   Luckily all is well with the baby and myself!!  So fast forward three days to the best moment of the week.  We had a few family members over for a small gender reveal celebration.  It wasn't anything crazy like I did the last time around, but it was nice!  We had a backyard bbq, a little cake and ice cream, and we sprayed the fam with pink silly string when they weren't expecting it!  It was fabulous!! Although I forgot to get pictures of the silly string surprise.  Fail! 

Sleep? It's been great!

Miss anything?  Nah, not really.  

Belly button in or out?  It's pretty flush.  It's as far out right now as it was at the very end with Kensie.  I'm a little scared.....

Wedding rings on or off?  On! 

Current mood?  So happy!  And HOT!

I happened to run across this Coke that said "Share a Coke with your Sis" and had to get a picture.  Kens insisted her baby be in the picture too!