Monday, July 7, 2014

Kensie is ONE!!!

As you might have noticed, I've been a little MIA lately.  As most of you know, shortly after Kensie's 1st birthday, Ian was offered a promotion with his company.  YAY!!!  While we are excited about this new opportunity, it comes with a catch.  We are moving to Medford, Oregon at the end of July.  As you can imagine, the past two months have been a whirl wind trying to get things in order so my blogs have taken a backseat.  Now that the move is approaching in just two weeks, I finally have a few minutes to breathe.  Which means......Picture bomb for all of you patient admirers.  Here's a little snippet of Kensie's 12th month and first birthday party! Enjoy!

 Smooshy face

I'm not sure WHAT my parents dressed me in!
 I love my Lexi

Playing with Syah

 You're all here for me?!?!

Look at all of my presents!!!

What is this?!

Ooo this feels weird

Heh heh heh, I think I like it

I am victorious!!!

Ooo sugar overload!

Hey Dada, get your own cake!

Lets do it again!

They gave me so many squeezes!

Come here mama!  I want that camera.
I may be small, but I'm feisty! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kensington - Eleven Months Old

Can we let out a collective sigh?  Our little Kensie is almost one!  ONE!!!  I can see how people get baby fever and pop out another one so soon after the first.  Don't get too excited.  We still want to wait awhile before baby number two.  I'm just saying that I get it now.  Before, I was like "those people with back to back kids are completely nuts!"  I eat my words.  I could definitely see it.  This has been the best year of our lives and we are so thankful that she joined our family!!!

 I'm not sure about this....

 I'm really not sure about this.....

 Seriously guys, this isn't my idea of fun!!!

 This is better

 Nah, I think I'm good.

 Bagels and schmeer with Dada!

 Well this looks interesting.....

 I think I can do it.....

 And I'm off!  That wasn't hard at all!

Watch out world, new driver on the loose!

 Really Daddy?!?!

 Presents from Auntie Meg! I love them so much....the paper too!

 Happy birthday Daddy!!!  I picked this card out all by myself.

 Let. Me. Out!

Let's go outside now.  Pretty please?!

Moose butt!

 Mmm, pad thai!

 Heyyyy, what's up with this gate?

 Hey Winston!!!  Come help me!

See....I knew he'd come.  My minion!

Mmm, this stuff is amazing!

YIKES!!! Why didn't you tell me I looked like this?!?!

 A musician must practice their skills

 I'm pretty sure I can get inside here....

  See, I knew I could do it!

 This isn't as great as I thought it'd be.....

I'm in a glass box of emotion......

Naps have been interesting here lately.  Below is how I found her sleeping the other day.  She finally gave in.

And.......IT HAPPENED!!!  People told me it would but I didn't want to believe it......

I'm so excited for bath time, Mommy!

Betcha can't guess what I'm doing right now.......


 Look what I did!

Peeeee Ewwwwww!

I'm almost ONE!!!