Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby Bound - Week 34 - Shower Pics!

How far along?  34 Weeks!  

How are you feeling?  I'm starting to feel the last month "loveliness" that all pregnant women talk about.  It's funny because at my last doctor's appointment two weeks ago he asked me how I was feeling and when I responded "Pretty great!" he proceeded to say "Well thats good.  Although.....I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you only have about another week of "feeling great".  In another week or two's time, you're going to feel pretty lousy!"  Wow.  I appreciate the honestly but he could have lied to me.  Overall, I still feel pretty good.  The swelling has set in which is pretty uncomfortable and, not to mention, gross!  Its the worst in my HANDS!  I literally wake up wearing Mickey Mouse gloves and my hands hurt so badly.  Luckily the swelling subsides within a few hours.  

Stretch marks?  I should just omit this question........

Best moment of the week?   We finished the nursery!!!  I will post pictures soon!   AND....We celebrated my husbands last birthday of his 20's.  I took him to a Blazer's game which is always a good time.  However.....It was definitely an eye opening experience.  I'm not used to being the hefty person squished into the middle seat.  Every time I moved ever so slightly, I'd whack the guy next to me, or whack the guy in front of me on his bald head.  It was so embarrassing.  I have so much more compassion for people who have a few extra pounds on their belt.  

Sleep?  Meh.  Apparently I'm a snorer now.  

Cravings?  I haven't had much of an appetite this week.  Very strange......Oh but get this!  My Special K cereal that I've eaten like a gazillion boxes of.......Yeah, it was recalled due to possible glass fragments.  I'm pretty sure I lucked out on eating any glass though.  Phew!

AND.......I got take out for my husbands birthday on Wednesday from one of our favorite restaurants.  On Friday, the restaurant was shut down for an outbreak of the Norovirus that week.  What the?!?!  Glass fragments and Norovirus!?!?  Seriously???  I dodged both bullets so clearly someone is watching over us!

Miss anything?  Eating without heartburn. 

Movement?  Slowing down.  She still kicks but I think she's pretty much out of room to do any acrobatics. 

Belly button in or out?  Its poking its way out! 

Wedding rings on or off?  Off.

Current mood?   Winded, but SO happy!

Here are some of the pictures from my wonderful baby shower last week.  Photos were courtesy of the fabulousTiffany Afenegus Photography

Our friendship was est. 2005

Our friend was unexpectedly having her baby that morning!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby Bound - Week 33

Three-and-a-half generations!
 And.......Because it was too hard to resist!  Heh heh hey. Sorry Pops!

How are you feeling?  The hormones are back this week!  Talk about a weeping, moody mess.  Everything has made me cry.  And if I'm not crying, then I'm completely stressed out for no reason.  Ahh, how I haven't missed the mood swings the past couple of months.

Stretch marks?  WOW!  I went to bed with the same stretch marks I've had for a while now but when I woke up, it looked like I got into a fight.  They're still pretty light but I can see where they are starting across the belly and I can tell they're going to be bad.  Good thing one-piece swimsuits are making a comeback.  Fair well bikini!   OH AND.....At my doctors appointment this week my husband noticed long hairs growing on my stomach where I can't see them.  Ack!  As we're leaving the office he lovingly leans over and whispers, "We've gotta take care of that ish!".  At least he's looking out.  LOL!

Best moment of the week?  My baby shower!  I have dreamt of my baby shower since I was too young to even be thinking about having children.  Its kind of been a big deal to me and right up there with my wedding day.  I don't know why its always been so important to me but it was, and I can honestly say it far exceeded anything I had ever imagined it would be.  I can't say that about many things.  I have a tendency to build things up in my head and they rarely meet the unreasonable expectations that I set.  (At least I can admit it, right?!)  Well this did and went way beyond!  I walked in the front door, took a look around and completely lost it.  I could instantly tell the amount of hard work and thought that had gone into planning it, and I was moved to tears.  You ladies really outdid yourselves and I can't thank you enough!  And then to see all of my family and friends who took time out of their schedules to come celebrate our little one's meant the world!

Sleep?  I'm starting to miss it.  Nightly bathroom breaks are up to 4-5 times a night and 2:00 AM cereal breaks are at least 1-2 times a week.  Geeeeeezzzz!

Discomforts?  Rib pain.  Oh the rib pain.  :(  And Its not really a discomfort but the swelling in my ankles has started.  Until now, I had only swelled up on the airplane but this week it seems to be a regular occurance.  Hello sausage legs!

EWWW I can't believe I'm posting this but its so interesting that this happens.  Where's my ankles??? EEEWWW!

Cravings?  Not really.  I actually haven't had much of an appetite this week so my indecisiveness when it comes to food is in full gear.

Miss anything?  Tomato soup and anything with red sauce.  Holy heartburn if I eat any of it!

Anything off the list?  All Asian food.  Uh-huh!  ASIAN FOOD!  Can you believe it?  Pre-pregnancy I used to live on Thai and Chinese food.  Now, it doesn't even sound good.  And on the rare occasion that it has, I've paid for it big-time.

Movement?  She's quite the wiggle-worm these days!  I keep trying to capture it on video but she doesn't cooperate.

Belly button in or out?  Still flat.

Wedding rings on or off?  Still off.

Current mood?  Right now?  In this current moment?  I'm not crying and I'm not moody!  WIN!!!

Nursery Progress:

We finally finished the night stand.  This was my grandma's old, beat up bedside table that I wanted to incorporate.  By chance, I found the same paint color as the dresser and I had the hardware laying around in our garage.  Its perfect!



Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baby Bound - Week 32

32 Weeks!  Can you believe it?!  Only 8ish more weeks until we get to meet our sweet girl!!!

And.....It amazes me how much the human body can stretch.  Good lord I'm huge! 

I have lost my mind this week.  Completely lost it.  Baby brain has been getting increasingly bad but its officially reached scary status!

The other morning I decided I wanted coffee and cereal for breakfast (big surprise there).  I got out my cereal bowl and went to pour myself a cup of coffee and.........This was the result.

Then.....earlier this week I got home from work and saw this in the mirror........

The picture quality is horrible but what you're looking at is a chunk of toilet paper that was just hanging out on my belly.  TOILET PAPER!!!  No one at work bothered to tell me that I had TP on my stomach.  Who knows how long that had been there!  

And finally.........................................................................................................

I was convinced that we needed a 2 quart Costco-sized tub of mayonnaise!  Convinced!  So much so, that I must have made a good case for it because I was actually able to persuade my husband to go along with it.  What the?!?!  Does anyone need some mayo? 

Aye, aye, aye!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby Bound - Week 31

Baby Bachtel has discovered she can push up against my left hip bone and stretch out the right side of my belly.  Below is a picture of her doing just that while we were talking to her dad on the phone.  Can you see it?  NO, my belly isn't just lopsided......Whenever she hears her daddy's voice she wiggles all over the place.  Its amazing!

This has been a great week in the nursery progress department.  Remember the before picture of our wooden letters?


Now they are painted and displayed on the picture rail around the perimeter of the room!


And remember my frame saga from last week?  Well I'd say it was worth it.  Here's my DIY artwork for above the crib (with a sneak peak of the baby bedding).  

And finally, every little girl needs some hair accessories and something to hold them. This project literally took me 15 minutes and if I can toot my horn a little bit, I'd say it turned out awesome!  Thank you Pinterest! 



The nursery is almost complete and I can honestly say it has turned out exactly how I had imagined it.  We just have to hang a couple more shelves and it will be finished and ready for our little one!  I'm so happy with how its coming together and I can't wait to post the final pictures!  Stay tuned.......