Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby Bound - Week 31

Baby Bachtel has discovered she can push up against my left hip bone and stretch out the right side of my belly.  Below is a picture of her doing just that while we were talking to her dad on the phone.  Can you see it?  NO, my belly isn't just lopsided......Whenever she hears her daddy's voice she wiggles all over the place.  Its amazing!

This has been a great week in the nursery progress department.  Remember the before picture of our wooden letters?


Now they are painted and displayed on the picture rail around the perimeter of the room!


And remember my frame saga from last week?  Well I'd say it was worth it.  Here's my DIY artwork for above the crib (with a sneak peak of the baby bedding).  

And finally, every little girl needs some hair accessories and something to hold them. This project literally took me 15 minutes and if I can toot my horn a little bit, I'd say it turned out awesome!  Thank you Pinterest! 



The nursery is almost complete and I can honestly say it has turned out exactly how I had imagined it.  We just have to hang a couple more shelves and it will be finished and ready for our little one!  I'm so happy with how its coming together and I can't wait to post the final pictures!  Stay tuned.......

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