Monday, July 27, 2015

Daddy got the pea out!

"Daddy got the pea out," is all we've been hearing lately at our house!  Why?  You guessed it!  Kensie and I were eating lunch the other day when she thought it'd be funny to put a pea up her nose!  I should have seen it coming.  She's quite the jokster these days, so just minutes before, she was testing me by pretending to put a pea up her nose.  No sooner had I just finished telling her that it wasn't funny and that peas don't go in our nose, do I hear "it's all gone mama."

"What's all gone?"  I ask.
"Da pea.  It's gooooone.  Upa my nose," as she tilts her head backwards to show me her handy work.
"Kensie!  Are you kidding me?  I just told you that peas don't belong in our nose.  Aye aye aye."
"Ha ha ha Aye aye aye, mama!" She repeated.

Oh lordy.  How am I supposed to get this thing out?!  Then I remembered the story I've heard countless times about when I was little and put a fish weight up my nose.  (It's true what they say.  Paybacks are a B!)  I remember my mom telling me that they plugged one nostril and blew in my mouth and the weight popped out.

"Alright, I'll give this a shot," I thought.  It didn't work.  Kensie was less than impressed and I bet that when I had the fish weight up my nose, I wasn't also covered in snot!  I swear, she was producing it faster than I could wipe it away.  And have you ever tried to blow in someones mouth, simultaneously covering their nostril, while they're covered in goo and in hysterical tears? Well... It's no easy task!  I'm fairly certain that wrestling an alligator would have been easier. 

At this point, I started to freak out a little bit.  The pea was going further and further up her nose.  I could barely see it anymore.  Do I call the fire department?  It's not really an emergency but what if she keeps sniffing it up further and it gets lodged in her brain?!  Yes, I know that can't really happen but you try reasoning with a pregnant mom of a hysterical toddler.  I was hot, sweaty and my nerves were shot.  I just experienced a workout the equivalent of running a marathon and the pea was still in her nose.  "Okay, it's time to call in Daddy reinforcements!"

By the time my husband got to the house the pea was barely visible.  He tried to blow it out, which was about as successful as my attempts, and then he grabbed the tweezers.  Between the two of us, and about ten minutes later, we finally retrieved that blasted pea! I think it's safe to say that peas are no longer on the menu at our house anytime in the foreseeable future.

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  1. This post got a big chuckle from everyone at Bunco tonight. Keep 'em coming.
    Love you!!