Saturday, September 12, 2015


Does that really say week 28?  Yeahhhhhh, so I've seriously fallen behind this time.  While writing this I'm currently almost 33 weeks along.  Whatever.  I've given up on trying to post in a timely manner.  Hopefully I can recall the details for the pregnancy tracker below.  

Keep an eye out for the 32 week post hopefully in the next........ehhh few days?!

Any Cravings?  Nothing new.  I'm still wanting sweets constantly.  Oh and cream of wheat with fresh berries.  Oh and pancakes with Nutella and bananas.  Mmmm, I can't get enough!  

Weight Gain? Up 25lbs

Maternity Clothes?  This is redundant

Movement?  Constant!  I forgot how much I love feeling a little one squirming around in my belly. 

How are you feeling? Pretty good!  Still hot!

Stretch marks? Again, redundant.

Best moment of the week? I can't remember.  BUT, I will say Ian and I have been spending the evenings in front of the tv - binge watching shows on Netflix.  It's been awesome!  We haven't done this since before Kensie was born and although, we get nothing done at night, it's been so nice to sit and do nothing! This is our time.  Time where we snuggle  sit a few feet away from each other on the couch (because it's too damn hot to sit any closer than that) and just check out for a few hours.  

Sleep?  Meh.  The pillow count is up to 8.....for me.  2 for Ian.  Hahahaha.  

Miss anything? Being able to do anything without getting winded. 

Belly button in or out?  Ohhhhh you better believe it's out.

Wedding rings on or off?  On! 

Current mood?  Honestly?!  Quite irritable.  I don't know why.  I have no reason to be but I am.  So many things are bringing out the feisty-ness in me lately.  Take for instance, the child "friendly" carts at the grocery store.  Who designed these things?  Clearly not someone who goes grocery shopping regularly.  It's like driving a bus through the store that doesn't turn for poo. And of course, Kensie insists that we use these carts every time we go shopping.  Like every. single. time!  And in order to avoid a meltdown, I agree.  You'd think that people would take pitty on you for pushing this, larger than a mini-cooper cart, through the store and possibly give you the right of way, but nooooope.  I feel like I'm playing a real-life game of frogger every time we need a gallon of milk.  For realz!  Look at the size of this thing.  You can't turn around in the isle without hitting the shelves on either side.  I can't wait to see what we look like once we add an infant carrier to the mix.  It's going to be comical! :)

In other news.  Kensie has been such a big helper lately.  She wants to help me with all of the household chores, and it's adorable!  We don't get much done, but it's adorable!

Helping Mama clean out the closet

Helping Mama vacuum

Well that didn't last long            

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