Monday, October 29, 2012

Bump Bound - Week 15

(Originally written 10/06/12)

My belly popped out!  I finally have a baby bump!  It happened over night….Literally!  (Pic to come week 16, I promise!) We had a wedding to attend so I grabbed the one and only dress that still zips (that I wore last week to the reunion) and it barely zipped this week.  I showed up at the wedding and my best friend was like “Is that the same dress that you wore last week?”  When I said yes, she was like “Whoa, I couldn’t tell last week but you’re totally showing now!”  Yay!!!!!

Sick?  Its been getting better but the occasional smell still triggers the nausea and gagging.  Mainly, cigarettes and perfume….And stinky bum pee on the sidewalks downtown but luckily I don’t have to smell that very often.

Cravings?  I still can’t get enough apples.  Aside from those, nothing I can think of.  I’m starting to get my appetite back though.  I even wanted chicken this week.  Dah, that reminds me.  I forgot my KFC in the fridge at home.  I was totally going to have that for lunch today.  I digress…..But yeah, I wanted chicken and mashed potatoes twice this week.  Once homemade and once from KFC.  They both count right?

Maternity Clothes?  Not yet, but its about time.  Unless I’m in stretchy pants and a sweatshirt I’m so uncomfortable in my clothes.  I’ve been rocking the BellaBands but those only do so much.  No one has ever mentioned this but they have a serious design flaw.  They work great… bend over!  Then the band slides up and the pants slide down.  I’ve mooned several unsuspecting people.  If anyone has some extra maternity clothes that you want to loan out I’d be very appreciative!  Oh I did break down and bought some new undies.  They’re a size bigger than I normally wear….SAD….and full-butts…Double SAD.  But they are SO comfortable so I don’t even care!

Movement?  I don't know.  I think I might have felt a little flutter but I can't be sure.  It only happened once so I'm guessing not yet.

You guys…..I totally scored a new pillow this week!  My migraines have been getting a little better but they are still hanging around.  I tried using one of those contoured neck pillows and it seemed to help.  The problem is that it was a knock-off of a Tempurpedic pillow and it was too big for my neck.  The other problem is that Tempurpedic pillows are like $100 dollars and I wasn’t about to spend that on a pillow that I wasn’t even sure would work for me……So, randomly I asked one of my brokers if he knew of a place to get discounted T-Pillows.  He knows weird/random things so I thought it was worth a shot.  Sure enough, he had one that he bought but didn’t like.   It was just collecting dust in his room so he gave it me!  He GAVE me a Tempurpedic neck pillow and saved me $100 dollars!   That totally made my week!


  1. I know you wrote this awhile ago and maybe you've changed your mind about it, but I would recommend getting at least one BellaBand - even if you can't use it anymore now, it is very likely you'll need to use is after baby comes and you start losing weight. I sure needed it!

  2. I actually have two BellaBands and they are okay for what they are. I use them with my work pants. As long as I don't bend over, I'm good! haha