Monday, October 15, 2012

Bump Bound - Week 9

(Originally written 08/25/12)

I finally threw up this week!  Twice actually!  Believe it or not, its actually quite comforting and kind of exciting.  Since then though, I’ve felt fantastic.  Not really nauseous but certain smells trigger the gag reflex.  

Smells I can’t handle this week?

Fresh cut grass.  Bleh!  I can’t stand it.  

Perfume.  Seriously!  How much perfume do people need to wear?  I work in a high-rise and I swear everyone in the elevator stinks.  Even if no one is in the elevator, I can smell the people that were in there before.  They either bathed in perfume, or just came off a smoke break.  Its disgusting!

Doritos.   I walked into my co-workers office and he was eating Doritos.  BAM! The smell hit me and I nearly started gagging.  I held it in and quickly backed out of the room…..Work doesn’t know yet, so that would have probably given it away. ….Which brings me to the fact that I should probably tell work sooner rather than later.  Preferably, while I still have a job.  I have been SO moody that I have no patience for anyone.  Combined with being exhausted, I’m not the most sunny person to be around in the office.
My skin is starting to notice the hormones too.  Last week I was like “my skin is so clear.  This is so great”!  Pshhh I spoke too soon.  All of the sudden this week I’ve developed a tri-fecta of zits on my chest.  Sounds pretty huh?!  At least they’re not on my face yet.  Knock on wood!

We told our families the great news this week!  It was really exciting!  Everyone was so happy and it was a relief to tell people.   We really want to tell our closest friends but they are busy having their own baby right now so that will have to wait.  The downside is that we can’t tell anyone else until we tell them.  We made a promise.  But we can’t tell them for another week or two because this is their moment and we don’t want to steal their thunder.  Hopefully we can tell them soon.  Maybe once they’re home from the hospital and settled in, we’ll take them dinner and tell them that Makena will have a new playmate at the end of March.  I even made a onesie to do the telling for us when the time comes.  

 And a few others to throw her off.......

Oh and you guys.  I wanted a blizzard so badly this week.  All I want this week is ice cream.  I’m such a fatty!  I convinced my husband to stop and get me a snickers blizzard on our way home from the beach last Sunday.  I got snickers and he got cookie dough.  When the gal handed it to me it was like Christmas!  Like no joke.  I was so excited!  As we began driving down the road I took a big bite of my blizzard.  “Humph, this doesn’t taste as good as I thought it would taste.  Hun, does your blizzard taste funny?”  I say. 

He responds, “yeah, it’s a little weird.  What does yours taste like?” 

“Mine tastes like chocolate, oil and metal.”  As I take another big bite.  “Here!  Taste it!” 

“Nooooo.  I don’t want to taste it,” He says. 

“Ohhh c’mon.  Give it a try.  Its not bad, it just tastes weird.  If I die, I want you to come with me. Haha.”

“Oh, okay.”  He takes a bite.  “BLEHHHH!  That’s disgusting!  How are you eating that?  You need to stop eating that right now.  That can’t be good for you or the baby.” 

“OH CRAP!  The baby!  But I want ice cream SO BADLY!"

“Noooo.  You need to throw that away.  We’ll get you another blizzard later tonight.”  He says.

“Humph!  But its just so sad.”   And then the sulking began. 

And so, I had to throw away a brand new, full to the top, blizzard.   It was tragic!

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