Monday, October 22, 2012

Bump Bound - Week 13

(Originally written 09/22/12)

The oddest side effect/symptom of pregnancy has to be……..Eye goobers!   At first I thought it was a fluke and that I was just having a few extra eye goobers here and there due to the weather changes.  Now I’ve come to realize that it’s got to be from the pregnancy.  I am an eye goober factory!  Literally, every time I look in the mirror I have eye goobers and mascara goop in the corner of my eyes.  SO. Weird!  It makes me think of that Friends episode where Chandler is dating Rachel’s boss and breaks up with her because she always has mascara goop in the corner of her eyes.  I’m totally that girl! LOL!

We told our dinner club friends this week!  Most everyone in the group has had a baby so they decided to line up all of the babies on the couch for a group picture.   We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to tell everyone.  My husband ran up and set our ultrasound picture in the midst of the babies and said “do you guys mind if our kid is in the picture too?”  Everyone was really caught off guard and it took a minute for people to realize what was happening.  It was great!  Like usual, I started crying. 

I made a big change this week.  I am now brunette again!  With the pregnancy I decided that I wanted something lower maintenance and I think overall, it was a good change.  If nothing else, it will be nice not to have to do my hair every two months. 

Highlight of the week?  (Actually everything has been a highlight this week.  This has been a great week) We received our first baby gifts!  It was SO exciting!  I love getting presents but its amazing how excited I am for presents that aren’t even for me.  Its actually better than getting presents for myself.

Auntie Meg sent the little grasshopper his/her first book – “Goodnight Moon” along with the stuffed bunny that is the star of the book.  So cute!  And Jessica gave him/her first PJ sleep sacks.  Again, so cute!  Hopefully the baby will like to sleep and get a lot of use out of them.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed since I’m a professional sleeper. 

Random thought of the week:  Don’t you hate opening yogurt?  Every time I pull the top off a yogurt, the pressure sends a yogurt bubble blurping out the side and onto my pants.  Ugh! I need to invent a new yogurt lid.  


  1. I LOVE your hair! Are you naturally a brunette then? It looks great! Also, sleep sacks are the best - they really come in handy, especially the first few months!

  2. Thanks Sally! My natural color isn't quite as dark. Its between the current brunette and the old blonde but this color seems to be working well so far. :)