Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bump Bound - Week 6

(Originally written 08/04/12)

Talk about moodiness!  Whoa!  Its like I have a split personality.   One day I’m happy and friendly and the next day I want to strangle someone for breathing too loudly.  It’s the strangest thing.  I’m so unbelievably happy but everything keeps pissing me off.  I keep having to stop and talk myself through things and calm myself down.  My bursts of moodiness are completely irrational, and I know that, which makes me get even more worked up.  Its been quite the adjustment.

Bloating?  That’s an understatement!  More like Blimping!  It hasn’t been so bad during the day but come 7:00 watch out! I feel like and look like a blimp.  My pants stop being able to button and it hurts so badly.  There’s no release either.  I’m not sure where all of this gas is going because its not coming out and by morning I feel back to normal….somewhat.

Nausea and Food Aversions?  Not so much.  I’ve actually worried myself sick because I haven’t been sick – At least not to the point where I thought I’d be sick when pregnant.  I’ve definitely been a little queasy and have had several gag moments but I still haven’t fully thrown up yet…..Which makes me worry.  I’ve always had it in my head that I would have full-blown, hold your hair back morning sickness.  But I don’t so far.  I tend to be a little a lot neurotic sometimes and I come from a long line of worriers so it’s in my genes to worry.  Thanks to the internet these days, I can usually help calm my worries and irrational thoughts with a little research.   I love to research random things. When I’m bored at work I research everything.   So of course, what do I do?  I researched morning sickness.  When it’s supposed to show its face and the different levels of it.  And what do I run across?  A study that says morning sickness is a good thing and those women who don’t experience morning sickness have a higher rate of miscarrying.  Dah!  Why did I research that?!?!  I’m such a tool!  Like that’s going to help me worry less.  Geeze!  My husband has now banned me from pregnancy research.

The great news?  We had our first appointment this week.  I was 6 weeks and 6 days along.  Since we had such a long road trying to conceive, my doctor insisted that we do an ultrasound at about 6 weeks to verify the pregnancy was viable and that it wasn't ectopic.  (As if the three blood tests they performed weren't accurate enough).  Waiting for this appointment was torture.  Every little twinge or discomfort I experienced made me wonder if it was in fact an ectopic pregnancy.  Gah!  Stupid neurotic self!  Just as my husband assured me it would be, everything was fine with our little grasshopper.  It is progressing just as it should be and had a nice strong heartbeat of 130 beats per minute.  Yay!!!  What an amazing sound to hear.  The ultrasound was cool to see too but the baby is still so small that it didn't really look like much more than a blob.  Sadly my husband wasn't able to make this appointment.  His yahoo of a boss made him extend his business trip and miss the appointment OR ELSE.  That guy’s a regular RICHARD!  I reassured my husband that he’ll get to go to the first official appointment and see the baby soon enough.  

Seeing and hearing the heartbeat was insane and of course, I started crying – A regular occurrence these days. 

That's the heartbeat  sound waves

The tiny blob

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  1. DON'T SWEAT IT about not having morning sickness. Count yourself lucky. My pregnancy with Roman was as easy as could be and look how awesome he turned out. No trouble. With this one, I never threw up, just had a little queasiness. I know your circumstances are different, and I know you know this, but you can't believe everything you read on the internet. I wonder how it even works that not having morning sickness means a higher likelihood of miscarrage. SOME OF US ARE JUST LUCKY, DAMNIT!!!! :)