Monday, November 5, 2012

Bump Found - Week 17

(Originally written 10/20/2012)

There’s no mistaking it.  I felt the baby this week!!!  I was driving to work when I felt the first movement.  I actually turned down the radio to focus on the movement as if that would help strengthen the sensation.  (It didn’t. lol) Everyone keeps telling me that it feels like popcorn popping or butterflies or bubbles, but it doesn’t feel anything like that.  It feels like someone is poking me like the Pillsbury Dough Boy or like fingers tapping on my belly from the inside.  It’s the best feeling in the world!!!!!!!  Every time it happens I find myself holding my breath to concentrate on the feeling.  Its reactionary and I don’t realize that I’m doing it until I notice the movement has stopped.  Once I resume breathing, the baby is on the move again.  I can’t wait for my husband to be able to feel it too! 

My belly has popped out even more this week.  I’ve been excited to get a big belly but now I’m starting to get scared that by 9 months I’m going to be huge!  I'm short so the baby has nowhere to go except for out.  For fun, I took a shadow picture.  Crazy!!!

We’ve started working on the nursery.  I’ve always had an idea in my head of what I want our nursery to look like so now we just have to start putting it in motion.  It will be the same whether it’s a boy or a girl with only minor color details changed…..(We find out the sex on 11/9!!!)  We got our chair last week and this week we found an amazing wagon on Craigslist.  I’ve been looking for a wagon to use in the nursery and I was astonished when I saw how much they charge for new ones.  Nothing fancy, just your regular Radio Flyer wagons are upwards of $150!  A wonderful friend drove all the way to Corvallis to pick it up for me and it only cost $15!  It’s the perfect amount of vintage flare and will look so cute when it’s refinished and complete! 

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  1. The baby movements are my favorite part of being pregnant. I never get tired of it :) I will miss that.