Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bump Found - Week 22

(Originally written 11/24/12)

Originally I promised pictures every 4 weeks.  Due to the bump's rapid weekly expansion,
get ready for more pictures from here on out. 

Ian felt the baby kick this week!  We were having a lazy Saturday morning lying in bed when she started kicking up a storm.  Usually when he puts his hand on my stomach she stops squirming and stays completely still.  I think she’s teasing her daddy.  But this time was different and she was kicking really hard.  We may have a feisty one on our hands.  I’m not sure where she’ll get that attribute from.

He laid his hand on my belly and……. “WHOAAAAA!”  He said.  He moved his hand and there was another strong, thump, thump thump.  “I just felt her again!”  He said.  We both started laughing with joy.  It was like Christmas morning!    
We started our registry this week.  My friends had all told me this was an overwhelming process but I was quick to dismiss their claims.  Okay guys.  You were right.  It was so stressful!  Do you know how many different baby bottles there are to choose from?  Or how many baby monitors?  How do you know which one to choose?  And the big items are so expensive that if you choose the wrong one then you’re out $200 bucks.  The worst was the car seats / strollers.  That’s when we called it quits.  We know that we want a 3-wheeled jogging stroller.  I don't jog but I can pretend, right?  And I’d prefer the car seat / stroller combo just to make my life easy, but the only one they carried came in either lime green and grey or purple and black.  I really liked the stroller and car seat itself.  I just hated the colors!  The green and grey one was nice but at least two of my friends have the exact same colored strollers / car seats and I don’t like having the same thing as other people if I can avoid it.  I know, major world problems.  But seriously, it was a lot more stressful than I had imagined it would be….And long.  Like two hours long.  So I finished up online.  That was so much better!  And from the comfort of my home, I was able to see what my husband was scanning when I wasn’t looking.  Busted!  You'll just have to make due with the bottled water we already have. :) 

Below are links to our registries.  They are still a work in progress.  Feel free to check them out and please let me know if there’s a life-changing item I have forgotten.

Baby's R Us Registry

Enter my first/last name and city/state


  1. I see a baby bump :) We have the same baby swing and it's the BEST! London used it until she was one and we will use it again for Savannah.

  2. Good to know! I just found it online so I had no idea if it was good or not. Thanks!