Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bump Found - Week 23


Baby Weighs Just Over 1 Pound! 

Well……The lovely side effects of pregnancy just keep giving.  I had my 6 month check-up with my dentist and I have "PIG" aka “Pregnancy Induced Gingivitis”.   Is that really a real thing?  It must be.   I knew my gums were more angry than usual, but gingivitis?!  Hmmphh.   I guess it hasn’t helped that my toothbrush makes me gag so I’ve been seriously lacking in the quality brushing department.  Luckily they said once the baby comes my mouth should get back to normal……

Cravings?  I still can’t get enough cereal and strawberries.   I want strawberry everything!  Strawberry milk, strawberries and waffles, strawberries in my cereal.  Good thing, Special K makes a delicious cereal with the strawberries already in it.  Yum!  My husband has stopped asking me what I want to eat because he usually gets “cereal” or “waffles” on my part, which is followed by an eye roll and a “Gah, again?” on his part.

Queasy or Sick?  Not really, just light-headed, A LOT.  My doctor said I’m experiencing really low blood pressure so I may find myself feeling faint.  So far, its been okay but the baby must have shifted this week because I nearly fainted at work.  That was weird!  I was sitting at my desk, when all of the sudden I got really hot and started feeling funky.  I think the baby was up against an artery because all of the blood rushed out of my face and all I could see was white.  I slinked out of my chair and laid on the floor by my desk.  Boom!  I instantly started feeling better.  I’m sure I looked ridiculous all sprawled out on the office floor.

Current Mood?  I’m SO SO happy! Throw in an occasional irrational cry from hormone overload, but its mostly all smiles these days!

Nursery Progress:   We got the picture rail installed this week!  It still needs to be painted but it looks fantastic.  Its just what I had envisioned and the letters we made will fit nicely on it.  I’ve also been working on the baby’s crib mobile.  I don’t really have a design I’m going off of, just the idea in my head.  Below is one of the owls I made that I’ll be hanging from the mobile.  I’m so excited!!!


  1. That owl is adorable!! Can't wait to see the room. And I LOVE your belly pic for the week :) Funny!!

    And beware what pregnancy does to your teeth!!! I am an avid flosser and brusher but I had FOUR cavaties from my pregnancy with Roman. I've become even more thorough with my brushing and flossing this time around.

  2. Thank you! And thanks for the heads up. Who'd of thought pregnancy would effect your teeth!?