Sunday, May 31, 2015


Well....I'm only slightly behind on my pregnancy updates.  Since we found out a bit later this time around than we did with Kensie, it's taken me a tad longer to get my tush in gear and do a belly picture.  So here you go!  My 16 week update....Even though I'm currently 18 weeks already.....CRAZY!

My little helper wasn't too thrilled that I made her stay inside

Any Cravings?  Oh yeah!  I want salsa!  Like ALL. THE. TIME!!!  I could drink it, and between you and me, I may have done just that last week. But it can't be just any salsa.  "Organic Valley" salsa has been my "go to" salsa to satisfy my cravings.  But who am I kidding.  I'm sure I'd guzzle down any salsa I could get my hands on.  I also want fresh fruit with pretty much every meal.  Mango's especially.  Mmmm I think I may go buy some mango salsa!

Maternity Clothes?  Pshhhhh yeah!  I've been in maternity clothes since I hit the 12 week mark.  Hellooooooo stretchy waste bands!  Oh how I've missed you! 

Movement?  Not yet.  I swear I felt the baby right around 13 weeks.  There were two nights in a row that I felt a slight "bump bump bump"  in my lower abdomen, but nothing since then.  Maybe it was just gas.....Sigh. :(

How are you feeling? Pretty good overall.  The sickness is getting better and only certain random smells set me off.  I still can't do any caffeine or I get sick, and I can't prepare chicken and then still want to eat it.  The weird thing is that my stomach is sensitive to certain sights.  I walked through the meat isle at Winco the other day and I immediately got sick when I looked at the raw meat.  That was weird, and something that didn't happen when I was pregnant with Kensie. 

Stretch marks? Puh!  I have so many stretch marks from Kensie that I wouldn't be able to tell if a new one popped up or not.

Best moment of the week? I have no idea!  My memory has been non-existent this pregnancy.  Like seriously!  Someone will tell me their name and I will immediately forget it.  This is new for me.  I have always had a really good memory so this has been an adjustment.  My husband's memory has always been...lets just say, not the best, and he has been reminding me of things.  So bizarre to have switched places with him in the memory department.

Sleep?  Sleep has gotten better this week. I've been really uncomfortable so I went around the house gathering spare pillows and now sleep has been glorious!  It only took 6 pillows!  The hubs' calls it my pillow fortress.

Miss anything? Not really.  But I haven't been as good about not eating the "forbidden" lunch meat this time around.  During my first trimester I really wanted sub sandwiches, for like every meal!  It's the only thing that sounded good so I broke the rule and had myself some Subway. Mmmm. Don't worry, it was only like 8 times.  LOL.  No seriously, don't worry.  I had them microwave the meat so no listeria for this girl!

Belly button in or out? I'm pretty sure my belly button has muscle memory from my last pregnancy?!  It's already starting to turn inside out.  It's a half inny, half outty.

Wedding rings on or off? On!  And fitting just fine at the moment!

Current mood?   Happy!  Although slightly annoyed.  Not for any reason in particular. I've just had a shorter fuse for annoyances lately.  Hopefully that will pass soon.

And......Since I've slacked on updates prior to 16 weeks (mainly because I can't remember anything) here is a peak at our 12 week ultrasound!!!  I think he/she has my nose!


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