Wednesday, May 20, 2015

So this happened....

Surprise!  We're expecting baby #2 October 28, 2015!

It's true what they say.  Things happen when they're supposed to! After the long and emotional journey we endured while trying to conceive Kensie, we recently decided that we were ready to start the journey for baby #2.  We figured it would take a while, so with Kensie turning two in March, the time felt right.   

I just knew that I was pregnant in early January.  I was convinced! So when day 60 of no "visitor" arrived, I took a pregnancy test.....But it was negative. Negative?!  I was shocked!  I honestly thought I was pregnant, but it was a true negative.  I wasn't pregnant.  My body was just body.  Fast forward to March.  Day 60 of no "visitor" rolled around again.  After last month's negative result I didn't suspect pregnancy at all.  Not one bit.  This is my normal.  I decided that I better call the doctor to figure out how to regulate my cycles if we were serious about trying for a second baby.  But I thought I should just take a test first to be sure.......

"Two pink lines?  Two pink lines?  Whaaaaaaat?!  Doesn't two pink lines mean positive?"  I ran upstairs to get the instruction insert for the tests.  "Maybe two pink lines on these tests mean it's negative?  I mean, I did buy them online, and they were pretty cheap. So maybe the results are backwards? I read through the instructions.....Nooooope!  Two pink lines means POSITIVE!!!
POSITIVE!!!??? But we weren't even "trying" yet.  We only just had the conversation that we were ready to start trying.  It was supposed to take us a long time and a lot of money at a fertility clinic!  Making babies doesn't come this easy to us.  There's no way that it's positive!"  Two more tests later.....All three were POSITIVE!  Shaking and crying with happiness and disbelief, I called my husband and asked him if he could come home for lunch.  I left all three tests on the bathroom counter and asked him if he could check the "leaky faucet" in the bathroom.  He walked in and froze immediately while staring at the counter.  "WHAT?!  Are you serious right now?!"  His eyes filled with water and his breathing became short and quick.  "But, wha, buuuuu.  Are you serious?  I can't believe this!"  We both started crying and hugging each other in disbelief.  

Cautiously optimistic, I took a pregnancy test twice a day for the next two days.  To my surprise, they were all coming back positive.  "Maybe this is actually happening!"  I called the doctor and they got me in within the week to do an ultrasound to see how far along the baby was and to check viability.  After doing the math and trying to figure out when this could have possibly happened, I figured I was only going to be about 4 weeks along with a due date around the end of November.  We probably wouldn't even get to hear a heartbeat at this visit.  We were prepared for anything and trying to prepare ourselves for disappointment.  

As soon as I could see the ultrasound on the screen I saw a little flicker.  "Gasp! That's a heart beating," I said.  "There's actually a baby in there!"  I immediately began to cry.  My husband grabbed my hand and leaned over and kissed me. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.  We could hear the heart beating.  "Oh my gosh, that's our baby!" he said.  
It turns out that I was wrong about everything.  I AM for sure pregnant and I am further along than I thought.  The baby measured 8 weeks exactly at this appointment, with an official due date of November 2, 2015.  However, this little bug will be here on October 28th via c-section unless he/she decides to come earlier.  

Words can't describe how excited and blessed we feel!  We can't wait to meet this little munchkin and for Kensie to become a big sister!

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