Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kensington - Nine Months Old

I just keep saying to myself.  Nine months.  Nine months???  NINE MONTHS?!?!  How did this happen?  Where has the time gone?  It took nine months to make her and now she's been on this earth for nine months already!  I have to catch myself when I'm talking to people because I'm still inclined to say "I just had a baby".  Partly because it feels like it JUST happened, and partly because I don't want them to think I just enjoy eating a little too much.  I want to blame the belly roll (whom I've named Bernice because she's big enough to deserve a name) on childbirth.  Not on the fact that I'm still fighting to lose that lingering 10 pounds, nine months later.  Then I think about it and I realize that I didn't just have a baby.  I had a baby in the amount of time it would've taken someone to make a baby.  Its been that long! I seriously blinked and it happened. I'm so thankful I get to spend my days with this little munchkin and I'm trying to soak in every ounce of her, every minute of the day.  She is our world!

I turned nine months old in Oahu.  Here's a brief run-down of our trip...

Nom nom. I'm a fan of pancakes

Although, they're a little tough to get in my mouth

My first time in the ocean water

Daddy and I on Waikiki

This stuff feels pretty weird on my toes

Daddy set me down so I could put my hands in it

Ahhhh Daddy FAIL!!

Mommy and Daddy wanted a family picture....I wanted to look at the bird

Jaws ain't got nothin on me!

Now we're talking.  This one's much better!

My Cousin Aidan being silly.  I love this kid.  Too bad Mommy cut off the top of his head....

This beach was the best!

Can we see the family resemblance?

Daddy and Auntie SiSi

I met this girl on the beach. She was the same age as me but a lot less hair

Jumping the waives with Mei Mei

Now its time to get serious

But Mama.....I'm not done playing in the water!

Hugs from Daddy makes it all better

Mei Mei and Auntie SiSi sure think this is cool.  Aidan and I aren't impressed..

Hahaha Daddy!  You're so funny!!

A little quiet time by the water

Aidan was showing me how it's done

This guy cracks me up!!!

 Getting ready to take my first swim in the ocean

 C'mon Daddy, let me taste it!

How come we don't have more of this thing called sunshine at home?

That's right, I'm kind of a big deal!

But do we have to go home?  It's been such a great trip!!

 Well this stuff looks colder than the sand I was in yesterday

 Getting my first Christmas tree!!!

 Daddy's letting me help make pancakes. Do you think Mommy will notice the mess?

 Who's this Santa guy?  Tell him I'm ready for him!

 Can you really say no to these eyes?

 I've got my "Santa Loves Me" shirt.  I'm all set!

 Hmm, Mommy says "Don't do it" but I think I'm......

Yep, I'm gonna do it

BLEH!  Mommy was right.  I shouldn't eat Winston's tail.

That was just terrible.  My tongue feels funny

This should help

Heh heh heh heh

 Who's a sweet angelic little elf?

NOT ME!!!  

But I don't want to go see Santa! 

 My first Christmas present!

 Gosh, I'm just so excited!! 

 I wonder what's inside! Hee hee hee

 Really, I get to open this?!

 Will you help me, Daddy?

 I can't believe it.  The anticipation is killing me!

 Did you hear the paper crinkle?  That was so cool!

 And look at the bow! 


 Oh wow, look at that!  

Wait a second.  Really guys?  A book? 

 Hahaha I'm just kidding.  I LOVE it!

 Ooo, what's in here?!?!

 Is this for me?!?

 Oh gosh, this is the best day ever!

 Loving time with Great Grandma!

 You smell funny!

 Mom, he smells funny!

Uncle Ryan's showing me how to work my new toy

 Love my Cousin Nolan!

 Whoo hoo!!!  This thing's amazing!  Thank you Papa Bobert and Nana Linda!

 A girl's gotta have some fur

 Playing with Grandpa Mark

 Ugh!  He got me! TKO! hahaha

 Love for Dada

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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