Monday, February 10, 2014

Kensington - Ten Months Old

 Again with the penguin suit guys?

 A little playtime in the morning

 I LOVE my worm!

 Ouch!  Face planting = first goose-egg

 Hey!  There's a ring stuck to my bum!

Hey Daddy, I'm trying to read here!
Just kidding.  I love when you pick me up!

 Just a little bath time up-do

 I found a box!

 Now I've found a shoe!

Just a little alone time with my book

 More pictures?!?

 Who am I kidding?  I love picture time!

 70's flash back!

 Helping Mommy with the laundry

Aren't I just the cutest?!?  I am, huh?!

 I'm eating here Mom!

 Practicing my yoga

 It's time I see what this camera-thing is all about

 Can you see my teeth?

 Always loving my Daddy time!

YAY!!! Happy 1st Birthday Syah!!

 Sigh....Playing with all these toys isn't easy.  I'm beat!

 Aunt Amy came to see me again!  I love her so much!

 I want those magazines.  This doesn't look so tough.....

 If I could just get my legs up here......

 I DID IT!!!  Victory!!!

 This is the best invention ever!

Pure joy!!!
 Hey Mama!  What are you doing out there?

 I want to come out there!


Come back Mama......

 Hmm, I feel like I'm being laughed at...

 A little bestie play time

 Makena's showing me how it's done

 Ahhh, big hugs!

Such concentration.  I think I'll be walking soon....

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