Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kensington - Eight Months Old

I love pumpkins!

 Aren't I just the cutest kitty ever?!

  Me and my gang

Hey, pipe down over there!

Hmm, is this okay?

Maybe I can sneak up on him?

Ohhh, what the....sneak attack!  Sneak attack!

Ha ha ha you're small and fuzzy.

Can you see the family resemblance?

My first taste of scrambled eggs



Why did you guys give that to me?

Oop, was that smell them or me? 

Heh heh heh it was ME!

I'm so proud.  I'm just like my Daddy!
I found the best spot for "hide and seek" but Mommy didn't count to ten

  Quality time with Daddy

I love the ticker tape parade 

Utter infatuation

 Two words....Really guys?

Little Red Riding Hood....Yep. I can hear my theme song now.

Hangin with my Bro

My big, big Bro

My really, really big Bro

Gotta stop to say CHEESE!

Wait, this isn't my cheese face.  This is my thinking face!
Can someone say "big hair"?
Happy Feet anyone?

Go Cougs! 

Why is this guy back? 

Please, no pictures.  I'll be here all day.

Too many people said I had a mullet

Buh-Bye Mullet

Cousin Aidan and I are ready for the festivities.

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh wait, I'm in Hawaii....This is better.  Happy Thanksgiving!
Let's eat!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

(More pictures of our trip to come next month) 

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