Friday, November 8, 2013

Kensington - Seven Months Old

It's cold out but I'm still game for walks!

YIKES!!! I just saw my outfit! Thanks Mommy. 

 I love picture time!

Another walk?  If you say so.......

Kensie likes to pretend that she doesn't know how to get from her belly to her back.  She likes to try and convince Mommy or Daddy to roll her over.  The following is the "Kensie, you can do it"  argument we have on a daily basis. 

 Tummy time?  Really?  Do I have to?

But look how cute I am.  Pretty pleeeeease?!

I guess its not so bad after all...

Okay Mommy, I think I'm done now

Hey Mom!!  I'm done!

I'm serious.  Tummy time should be over now!

But I can't do it........

Heeeeeyyyyyyy!  I really can't do it!  

Why are you taking pictures when you should be rolling me over?!

Grrrrrrrrrr!  Fine, I'll do it! 

Sigh......Life is hard!


And the following is the argument we have about fruit.  She's not a huge fan.  Well, that's not true.  She loves the first half of the container, but soon after, she decides that it's bitter.  I can't explain it.

Yum!  These peaches are delicious!

 Hmm, I'm not sure about this anymore.....


 Oh man, this is sour!

I'm SO not amused!

Look at me!  I can sit up and look around!

Oh Mommy, more pictures?

 What is this strange creature?

 We're lost in the corn maze.  At least there's new things to eat!

Family photo!  We're all having fun, right?!

Nope!  Look at my face.  Why am I sitting on a pumpkin?

Again with the pumpkins?! C'mon guys!

 All smiles with Boppa and Mei Mei

My peeps and their punkins
 I just need a minute please

I've got my big hair on.  Let's go explore Dallas!
Getting witchie before Halloween.  Happy October!!!

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  1. Cute! Cute! Cute! Love the commentary. :-) Can't wait to kiss those squishy cheeks in a couple weeks. Muah!