Monday, October 7, 2013

Kensington - Six Months Old

Six months old already?!?!  Where has the last half of this year gone?  I seriously cannot believe Kensington is already six months old!  With that being said, this has been the best six months of our lives!!!  She is such an amazing little girl and makes us laugh every single day.  It's crazy to watch her and think "we made her".  This time last year she was just an avocado.  Now she's a little person with her own incredible personality!  I can't wait for the next 6 months, and the 6 months after that, and after that, and after that............I just wish it would SLOW down a little.  Sigh.


Look at all of my toys!

 Umm, I'm not sure about this floating thing....

 Alright, this is a little bit better....

Now that's what I'm talkin about! 


 Chatting with Daddy

I haven't been wanting to take naps lately but my parents won't know if I just lay here and pretend

 My first bite of real food.....Green Beans

 Ack!  What did you just put in my mouth?!?!

 Seriously?  What is this?!?!

Hmmm, I guess its not so bad, but its not good either

 I love my Cousin Shannon!

Uncle Brad is a lot of fun too!

 Ooo, what do you have Makena?

Gasp.  Did she just take my coaster?  

 Mommy and me at my first circus!  I promise that we were really there even though it looks like we are Photoshopped in.  Daddy was there too!
Already gossiping 

Forget this food stuff.  I want my toes! 

 You're going to make me try what today? 


Oh yuck.  I thought you said I would like apples?!

 I got to see my Great Grandma again this month! 

Exploring the trails in Bend, but I just had to stop for a picture! 

 This place is freezing....But I'm still all smiles!

Well, at least I was.  Now I'm ready to go!!!

Family photo op on Mommy and Daddy's 5 Year Anniversary

 I tricked Daddy into pulling over so I could get out of my car seat. Heh heh heh

 LOOK!  I learned to sit up all by myself! 

And then I fell over

My parents crack me up!

Happy Fall!

I'm 6 Months Old!!!

Kensington eating prunes!

Kensington loathing tummy time!

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