Friday, July 5, 2013

Kensington - Three Months Old

I finally like my bouncy chair!

Well...Maybe not today

I love my Daddy

Don't I look like Daddy here?!

Look!  I can sit up!  (With a little assistance of course.)

You' re inviting who over to visit?!?!?!  (She's going to kill me someday for this one. HAHA)

Just seeing what Albert's up to.....Check out the drool patch on my shirt.

All tuckered out!

Our friend Lynn made this sign for my room.  Isn't it lovely?!

Who you lookin at?


 We love how Kensie goes through an array of emotions within 5 seconds.  The images below show a rapid succession of facial expressions.....

I don't want my picture taken, mom!

Oh okay, if you insist

Hmmm, I'm really done this time

Well, maybe not

Oh yeah, I'm rockin it!

Totally hamming it up!

Summa summa summa time!!!

All smiles!

Still loving bath time....I just don't like to be dried off!

Contrary to my facial expression, I really enjoyed my first story time

My hair just keeps getting cooler!

I think I've got the gangster lean mastered!

Meeting my Auntie Katy in Vegas!  Yep.  Two months and 1 week old, and I've already been to Vegas!

Meeting my Auntie SieSie (Sorry Sierra.  We didn't discuss the spelling yet)

This face makes things happen!  You've been warned.

Cousin Fun

Lovin the sunshine!

Enjoying some quality dinner conversation

That's right.  I've got my shades.  You know you're jealous

Blue Steel.  Mommy, Darci and Megs will be so proud!

Outings are fun!

My cousin Aidan was so good with me!  I can't wait to see him again soon!


  1. These pics made me laugh out loud and I just keep going back for more!!! Love this baby girl and her Mom & Dad.

  2. Auntie SiSi thinks these photos rock. Give my girl some big squidges for me. Love and miss you all.