Monday, June 10, 2013

The Lessons We've Learned......So Far..

1)  A good fitting diaper is imperative!  Otherwise you find yourself with a baby who has poop down both legs and all over her car seat.  Her hands touch her legs, and of course then touch her face.  Dah!  You pull the car seat and run into the house setting the seat on the furniture.  Oh but wait.  The poop has dripped down the car seat straps and puddled into the base.  And since you didn't know there was poop in the base, you now have poop on the furniture.  To summarize....Poop down the legs, up the back, on the hands, on your hands, on her face, on your face, on the car seat, in the base, in the car, and on the furniture.  YES, a good fitting diaper is a MUST!

2)  If you follow rule #1 and the diaper still fails while in the car seat, just take it outside and hose it off.  Otherwise you will find yourself going through an entire tub of Clorox wipes and still finding poop weeks later. Aye, aye aye.

3) Don't eat a giant burrito while there's a sleeping baby on your chest.....Otherwise you'll look down and there will be cilantro on her arm and rice on her....well......

4)  If you top your baby off, you run the risk of triggering the "full switch".  When this is triggered, its no longer called spit up.  Its full-on puke.  Get ready to change her clothes and yours.

5) An uninterrupted shower is a thing of the past.  As soon as you hop in, your baby will fill her diaper.  This wouldn't be a big deal if you've followed rule #1.  However, if you've experience rule #1, you're probably a bit leery of leaving her in her soiled diaper for more than 30 seconds and will jump out of the shower anyways. 

6) If you're ever sad, mad, or stressed, one look at this face makes everything better!


  1. That is a GREAT picture of her. What a cutie!!!

  2. Ahh, the joys of Mama hood. Enjoy it, Emily! It's a blast! (pun intended!) She is gorgeous, and you will consistently be awed by her. :) Hugs!