Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kensington - Four Months Old

Bright, beautiful eyes

 Happy 4th of July everyone!

 Loving my bouncy chair these days

Outings with Mommy are so fun!

Do you like my dress?

Look at my guns.  You know you're jealous.

 Story time with Daddy.  He likes to read me books about construction, but I still enjoy them.

 I'm practicing archery.  Pull back....


 Uhhh that was bad form

 But at least I'm super cute!

Heh heh heh, Mommy doesn't know I just left her a surprise in my Bumbo chair....

...But its okay.  Did I mention that I'm super cute.

Hugs for my Daddy

I'm SO not amused Mom. Put the camera away!

Tummy time is hard, but my lip gives me leverage

I'm not excited that you made me do that

Aint no thaaang!

 I want that finger!

If you won't bring your finger to me, I will bring my tongue to you

Dancing in the park with Boppa

Look at my monkey lips!

 Hahahaha I crack myself up!

Who's this guy?!

Please get him out of my chair!

I REALLY don't want him in my chair!

 Ooo!  My hands!

Oh yeah....Mom, get him out of my chair!

 I guess he's not so bad after all

Look!  I can make the same face as him!

Just relaxing on the porch

Hey!  Slow down!

Won't Daddy be proud?!

 Hanging out with Great Aunt Cindy and Great Uncle Leonard

The cover says it all!

 Excited for breakfast!

 All tuckered out from partying in Medford all weekend

I. Want. Those. Glasses!

Can you believe I'm already 4 months old?!


  1. Verrry Sweet!!! Enjoy these precious "calm months" before she is off and running ;) (pretty sure her eyes are staying in the blue stage!)

  2. Those pictures of her looking at the owl crack me up!