Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Are You Pinterested?

I am! Everyone is talking about it.  Pinterest.com. Have you heard of it?  Its an amazing little site.  I'll fully admit that it took me a while to figure out why this website was gaining so much popularity.  So you just "pin" things to your "boards" and then people can see what you like?  What's the point of that?  LAME.  Clearly, I didn't get it.

After more friends urged me to try it, I gave it another shot.  Okay, this is kind of cool.  There are SO many good ideas on there.  About EVERYTHING.  Recipes, shower ideas, workouts, decorating ideas, fashion, how to's, and the list goes on and on and.....on.  Time and time again, I have found things online that I have liked and when I try to go back and find it, I can't.  Pinterest is now the solution to this problem.  You can "pin" ideas from different websites onto your idea boards so everything is in one central location for you to reference.  Pretty cool I'd say.

As with everything, this website isn't without its downfalls.  The biggest bummer about this new craze is that there are no original ideas.  You throw a party with a certain theme or decoration and inevitably someone says, "Ooo, did you get that idea from Pinterest?  I saw that on there".  It kinda stinks because secretly we all want to take credit for these great ideas and now we can't because all of our friends saw the same idea.  Meh, its still worth it in my opinion.  I guess if you think about it, there are no original ideas.  Even before Pinterest, someone would see an idea from somewhere, copy it, and then someone else would copy it.  Its just the way things operate.  If you ask me, Pinterest needs to come up with a "private" board setting so that people can pin in secrecy.  What if you are throwing a surprise party and the guest of honor is on Pinterest and has access to your boards?  Its not much of a surprise party if they can see all of your ideas!  I'm on a quest to get Pinterest to give you the option of private boards.  Who's with me?  Unless they already have this option and I'm just dense?  If that's the case, then someone should fill me in. 

Below is a decoration I made courtesy of Pinterest.  Its so simple, yet I wouldn't have ever known how to do it without seeing it on Pinterest first.  So yes, I am Pinterested!

Supplies:  10 pieces of tissue paper (I find the glossy kind works better), scissors and pipe cleaners

Stack the paper and then fold width-wise, accordion-style

Tie a pipe cleaner around the center

Cut the ends off.  Can be rounded or jagged. 

Peel back from center, layer by layer 

Done!  Hang from ceiling with fishing line


  1. I'm on board with the private boards!!!!

  2. It is a great site and I believe that your thoughts would make it even better. I love your craft lessons.