Thursday, May 31, 2012

It Happens to Men Too

My husband called me today to give me a good laugh.  He took his dry cleaning into our old neighborhood cleaners in Portland and was asked a question about his weight.  I can relate, as I'm sure most women can.  Women get asked these types of questions all the time.  "Whoa it looks like you've put on a little weight.  It looks like you've lost weight.  Do you want some jelly with those rolls? How many cookies have you been eating?" No? No one else has been asked that last question?  Well I have.  I love cookies and sometimes it shows.  HA!  But anyways, this sweet lady at the cleaners has a memory like an elephant.  We haven't lived in Portland in over four years but she remembered my husband quite well.  She looked at him while patting her belly and said, "Ohhh, it looks like you've lost a bit of weight since I last saw you.  No more belly."  HAHAHAHAHA This brightened my day.


  1. At least it was complimentary :). And can I just say I find it odd that we both posted something about weight on the same day...

  2. is it bad that in my head the lady had an asian accent? Oh man, I'm so racist.

    1. HAHAHA she totally is Asian. I left that part out in fear of people thinking I was racist. lol.