Monday, April 9, 2012

April Showers? How About Paper Flowers

A few months back while watching The Nate Berkus Show they featured a DIY-er who made these beautiful brown paper flowers for her fireplace mantel.  They looked so simple to make and really brought in a charming rustic element.  I thought, I could do those no problem, and I know just where I'll put them.  As you open our front door the first thing you see is this awkward, built-in display box in our entry way.  Who ever thought that this was a good idea?  Its just plain odd.  When we first moved in I was puzzled as to what to do with it.  We even considered not buying the house because of the "what will we to do with it?" question.   Now, after four years in our house I am happy to say that I have embraced this weird, rectangular cut-out in our wall.  I actually look forward to decorating it with each season and experimenting with my creative juices.  This year's spring display is not yet complete but the paper flowers turned out great in my opinion.  Since they are so easy I wanted to share how to make them.  Even if you are lacking a sweet wall cut-out like ours, you can use these flowers for so many different things.  Bow substitutes on gift boxes, an added touch to a picture wall, holiday embellishments, etc....And you can make them in so many different colors.  Use your favorite wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, white printer paper.  The possibilities are endless.

Supplies:  Lunch bags, scissors, glue stick

Cut the bottom off the bag and set aside

Cut out leaf shapes.  I freehand mine but you can draw them first if that's easier. 

Glue four leaves together in a cross shape.

Add four more leaves to fill in the holes and get a flower shape.

Keep repeating steps above.  Fold each leaf in half and glue a crumpled piece of paper in the center. 

VoilĂ !  Wall Flowers. 


  1. These are wonderful up close. Imagine if they were built using colored paper for each different layer. Beautiful.

  2. I saw those up in your house when we were there last and was very impressed....I dind't realize you had made them yourself but I'm not surprised. Crazy they are just made from paper bags!:)