Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What is up with the universe?

Is it just me or are people acting more disrespectful than normal?  Is there a full moon on the horizon or something?  I swear, about 90% of the people I've encountered this week are dillholes and its only Wednesday.  And so I will rant......Maybe my patience is running thin but I really think people are just completely oblivious to the people around them.  Guy who tried to run me off the road yesterday and made me cry for a half an hour?  Dillhole! (Although, you deserve more colorful language!)  Lady who tried walking past me and shoulder slammed me because apparently I was walking to slowly for her?  Dillhole!  Lady who saw me rushing towards the elevator but didn't hold the door when I was 5 feet away?  Dillhole!  Numerous people who won't let you over in traffic?, never mind.  I guess I'm guilty of that one too sometimes. :)

Seriously though, what is wrong with people? At least the guy at my favorite lunch spot gave me a free item today just to see if I liked it.  That totally made my week and possibly restored my faith in humanity!  That's all it took.  Just someone being nice during a week where everyone has been rude.

Only one more day to go and then a nice, long 4-day weekend. That reminds me.  I really need to paint my toenails so they look nice for the wedding this weekend in Cali. What color should they be?  Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

*Update:  I meant to post this last week but totally forgot to hit "post".  Oops.  The wedding in Cali was amazing!  And I really think that last week people were just down right cranky!  This week people are so much nicer!  Keep it up.  Keep it up!   I still need to paint my toenails.  Dah!

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  1. Why paint them when you can pay someone to? ...and get a massage, and get some memorable/akward/hilarious conversation with the person doing it, all while enjoying a coffee with your bestie? Just sayin'...