Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Wonder.....

  • Why do you get deodorant balls in your armpits? 
  • Why do people find it necessary to take a poo in the middle stall of an empty bathroom? C'mon, at least try to quarantine your stink in a corner stall. 
  • Why do hang nails hurt so badly?  I'd take a giant gash in my arm over a hang nail any day.
  • Why is it so hard to fart when you are sooo bloated and NEED to fart? If just one would come out it would make the world of difference.  But alas, they don't come.  Sigh. 
  • Which brings me to my next question. Why do they call them farts?  That's soooo not a pretty word. 
  • Why is the last part of a bar of soap the part that lasts the longest? 
  • Why do some mammals mate for life (dolphins, penguins, etc..) while some of the so-called smarter mammals (aka humans) can't stand each other for more than a week? 
  • Has anyone actually ever eaten a kumquat?  What is it? And where do you buy them?
  • How come your feet get stinky in shoes but your hands don't get stinky in gloves?
  • Why is the bathroom the dustiest room in the house?
  • What is that smell that comes from the AC in a car?
  • Why do we have eyebrows?  What's the point of these hairy face catipillars?


  1. You know what I want to know? What was Captain Hook called BEFORE Peter Pan and the crocodile took his hand? What a premonition that was if he had always just been called Captain Hook!

  2. hhahahaha! :) Love it, so funny!! And seriously, why IS the bathroom the dustiest room in the house???

  3. I know, right? Is so annoying! :)