Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby Bound - Week 38

Its a good thing this was my last week of work.  I've officially hit the steering wheel!

The itching has become unbearable.  UNBEARABLE!!!!  I have never itched this bad in my entire life!  And nothing seems to help.  I lotion, I oil, I've even taken to putting cold wash cloths under my shirt but it only gives me temporary relief.  I reached a new level of desperation the other day.  My husband and I got home from running errands and I ran upstairs and disrobed as fast as I possibly could.  I slathered oil on my big ole' belly, threw on a sports bra and some below the belly pants, and slumped onto the couch.  I was quite the slippery sight to see.

Good news at the doctor's appointment this week.  I've had pretty consistent low blood pressure but it was the lowest its been the entire pregnancy.  So much of a difference that it was worth the doctor mentioning.  Any guesses as to why?  Yep.  Its got to be because I've stopped working in Portland this week.  Its not that I have a stressful job but I'm sure the commute wasn't helping anything.  In other good news, I was 1cm and 50% effaced which was further along than the doctor thought I'd be!  Hopefully she'll be making an appearance before D-Day!

And just for kicks.  I think Winston is going to miss his chin rest.......

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  1. I am 100% certain that when I was pregnant with Roman, the commute from Portland to my doctor appointments was the reason I had elevated blood pressure in the last couple of months. I have always had perfect blood pressure readings, and even in my pregnancy with Josephine not once were they the slightest bit elevated, and I was never commuting from Portland for an appointment that time around.

    That's really funny with the steering wheel. I can't believe how close you are to having that baby!!!! Can't wait for the announcement :)