Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Since when do we live in the Midwest?

This is seriously delayed as are most of my posts these days.  I've decided that most posts will be at least a few weeks to a month after the fact.  Partially due to a busy summer schedule but mostly because of forgetfulness.  The posts are already written, but I'll forget my memory card at home, or I'll leave the photos saved on another computer, or I'll just forget to post it entirely.  So we can just pretend they are current day.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we had some crazy weather.  I mean crazy.......Well, crazy for our standards.  Friday was a huge thunder and lightning storm that hit a tree down by my old high school.  This was by no means a small tree and what was left behind was a huge pile of firewood.  My husband and I decided to go take a look at it and man, am I glad we did.  This was something I would've been bummed to miss.

The lightning hit the tree in front as well as part of the tree still standing

This was a couple hundred feet from the tree, speared into the ground

Saturday was another thunder and lighting storm.  This time, there were huge hail pellets and rain like I haven't seen in quite some time.  We have a green space behind our house and it had literally become a river. The pictures don't fully do the storm justice.  I took video but I thought it would be cool to provide narration while filming.  Bad idea.  Apparently, I thought I needed to talk like a robot.  As a result, no video for your amusement.  Sorry.

The green space......

Became a river

Sunday I was visiting with family and my nephew pointed up at some rings that had formed around the sun. I've never seen anything like it.  He said he learned that the rings were ice crystals and that it meant either rain or snow was imminent.   I think he was probably full of it and trying to pull one over on me.  Either way, it was neat to see.

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  1. I. Want. To. Hear. Robot. Voice. (that was in my robot voice). POST THE VIDEO!! :)